Grays Peak Vodka Bottle Image 750ml
Grays Peak Mountain Berry Vodka Bottle Image

Grays Peak Vodka is the summit of smoothness for vodka that is ideal straight or perfect for enhancing the flavors of any cocktail.

The purity of Grays Peak vodka is only achieved by using premium corn that is distilled five times in small batches using water that undergoes a proprietary reverse osmosis process that removes any trace minerals typically found in spring waters that can produce "hot" flavors.

Grays Peak Vodka clean, pure, and peak perfection.


Grays Peak Vodka is a gluten free vodka that is distilled from corn.

Available in;

Straight Vodka

Mountain Berry Flavored Vodka



Please drink responsibly.


Cocktail Ideas


90 Points

"Distilled from American grain and charcoal filtered, this vodka has a faint vanilla scent and a subtle sweetness, with a faint gingery twang on the finish."

Wine Enthusiast Magazine July 2011